Computer + Tech Support

Keeping your systems running smoothly
Spyware/Malware/Virus/Trojan FixesOxymoronically stupidly smart as computers are, in all the complexity – they Fail. When they fail, we suffer through our own advanced complexity to shake a fist and wonder why we are using them. It is what it is. We have too little time to concern ourselves with trivial reasons why such simple yet complex things fail us.

Mad As HellWe can justify + attempt figure it out, it requires the idle time and expertise – if frugal or the annoyance to give the finger to those that seem to know how to fix things. In this impasse, we rely on a shaman to rectify things. if possible. Nah. Just hire us, we lack the passive aggression – and because you need your computer to work. We need your computers to do productive things. Obviously not all prayers are answered to a favorable scenario (a keyboard will not miraculously come back to life if your 24oz Mountain Dew fell over a King James bible translation or Limp Bizkit forum page entry ).

Workstation - EyeTropeThat aside, here’s the set of computer repair solutions we offer: Spyware/Malware/Virus/Trojan Fixes, Hardware Troubleshooting, Software Installation, Security Solutions, Hardware Upgrades, System Tune-ups, Instruction (CBT) and Setup. Seek solace below in the services we offer. If there is not something listed, please contact us – If we cannot figure it out, I’m sure we can hook you up to those than can. We offer house calls – both business and in-house service requests. Please, give us a call or email for your request. We look forward to assisting your needs.
Spyware/Malware/Virus/Trojan Fixes
Spyware/Malware/Virus/Trojan FixesAww fiddlesticks. Yes. This happens. No matter how prudent or prude one may be, in their life online – they will be visiting the not-so-free-clinic for malicious intrusion and junk on your computer which mucks up your experience and validates your clenched fists to just grab the computer and chuck it through the window while screaming “I’m mad as hell, and I can’t take it any more.
We specialize in rectifying and remedying these annoyances. We back up your system at your discretion, run a number of scans, quarantine known items, remove suspect variants, install virus/spyware/trojan/malware software and schedule increment updates to work in the background. We provide a candid, honest consultation towards any future scenarios to avoid infections/breaches.
Hardware Troubleshooting
Hardware TroubleshootingBlue Screen? You may not see this. Computer screen blank? Spill a Mountain Dew on your laptop? Muffin fan making wonky sounds? Toddler put an Eggo waffle in the CD drive? Keyboard or mouse not working? DVD or Eggo Waffle stuck in drive? Call us if you need help or fear that you are about you lose your data. In Addition to our services, we can provide professional advice for solutions to get ya back. We will diagnose the hardware issue, backup data if needed – and find a solution which could be as simple fix or as complex as a hardware replacement part.
Software Installation
Software InstallationTime to upgrade your operating system from Windows NT to Windows 7? Need to install a program to help edit videos? Do you want to add an application to manage all your music or videos? Or a better application to watch videos? We can help install any software. We can advise which software or applications (apps) and which versions to suit your needs and operating system/chip-set to purchase. For Operating system upgrades (like upgrading to Windows 7 or 8), we will need to make a backup of your data. We will not install any pirated or illegal software – do not even ask us.
Security Solutions
Software InstallationDo you feel confident to do online banking on your computer? What about purchasing items online? Do you fear someone may have access to the data on your computer or network? Any of these insecurities can be resolved with comprehensive stronghold of a security solution. We offer security software solutions (free or enterprise) to be installed and customized to meet your home or business needs. We set up custom scanning options, which work in the background to not impede your tasks. In addition to software apps and individual computer security, we can do a comprehensive security scan of any encrypted wireless, bluetooth, or VPN network connectivity to give you a piece of mind.
Hardware Upgrades
Hardware UpgradesNeed more internal memory or a larger hard drive? Need that 32″ LCD screen? Want to add a wireless printer? Wish to add a BlueRay DVD drive to your computer? Need to add a video or wireless card? We offer customized shopping advice for which hardware products that would be needed for your specific computer requirements. Once purchased, we will walk you through the installation process for your understanding if you wish. For hard drive replacement, we will require additional time for backup and software re-install and configuration. We will test and insure any new hardware is properly functioning to your satisfaction.
System Tune-ups
System Tune-upsComputer seem sluggish and tired? Feel like your computer has just eaten Thanksgiving dinner and retired to the den to fall asleep in front of the game? We can help streamline your computer’s processing to make things run faster. We have a series of checklists to run through your operating system setup to remove unnecessary things to throttle the processing. We diagnose any memory leaks and speed up the system by consolidating data, duplicate files and removing unwanted and unnecessary start-up items. We will add freeware, and instruct how to do your own future maintenance.
InstructionDo you need to learn how to download photos in your camera into organized folders on your computer, back them up or email them as attachments? Need to learn to a specific program to make digital copies of your photos or old VHS home movies? Would you like to learn how to synchronize your smart phone to your computer? Wish to learn how to set up a spreadsheet or crop photos? In addition to personalized service, we offer one-on-one instruction for basic to advanced computer software and peripheral instruction. We pride ourselves on patience and easy to understand, non-technical training for technical needs.

We are versed in everything from Graphic Design programs (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, etc.), to web programming (HTML, CSS, etc.), to hardware audio/visual setup (peripherals, printers, scanners, PDAs, etc), to basic + complex computer tasks (backup strategies, good practices, security, etc.) to home office word processing applications (Windows Office Suite – Word, Excel, Powerpoint, etc.). Following instruction, we provide followup printout step-by-step processes with screenshots. If there is an instructional services not listed, please inquire.
SetupDid you just purchase a new computer and wish to know how to set it up in your home office, hook it up to a printer, or a scanner. Now it’s hooked up, how do you set it up so that it can be networked with another computer in the house, or wireless router? How best can I have all the stuff on my computer easy to find, and where all the programs I use where I can easily find them? Computers are supposed to make out lives easier, but sometimes the process and the use of computers make more work.

We offer setup services to help streamline this. We will help guide you, one-on-one, in setting up your new computer, install pertinent software and provide advice on best practices. We will walk through all the things you may or may not need, and strip things down to the basic bells and whistles. We will help strategize and setup the organization of folders and files, so everything is easy to find.