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Last Updated: April 13, 2013


This is who I am. Well, sorta'. This is an online representation of what I do, sometimes updated, sometimes not [who has time to update a life resume when one is living life?]. I park my digital footprint here - for folks to check out my 'Goings-on', my business, artwork, and a link to purchasing artwork.

First, below is a listing of my career resume - if that bores ya, skip on over to my Visual Artwork... which includes a girth and mirth of original oil paintings, watercolors, photography, drawing, multi-media sculpture installations. If this continues to bore you, and you get hungry along the way, check out Knees & Bees cookblog for some fantastico recipies. If you find your computer, wireless network or whatever sluggish and need of being fixed or upgraded - I'll plug my business [EyeTrope]. Lastly, if after enduring boredom, cornea gumbo and salivary overload - you hanker to buy some original artwork - hey, I provided this link here, as shameless as it may be.



I bring 20+ years of a diverse array of experience that covers everything soup-to-nuts from web based/print/interactive Sr. Project Management, through Art and Creative Direction, Graphic Design, Programming, Technical Writing and traditional illustration & photography media. My combined skill-set ranges from programming, graphic design (print & web), GUI, Flash programming/animation, web content management, technical & SOW writing, project management & client interface for a wide theater of companies and clientelle ranging within Advertising, IT, Government, Media, Arts & Museum Institutions.


  EyeTrope [ www.EyeTrope.com ]
January 2007–Current, Lynchburg/Roanoke/Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, VA
Sr. Manager/Creative Director + Owner

Created and runs a full-service, personal-oriented Web Design, Media Service & Computer Support company. In addition to Web design + Media solutions and services, we offer personalized Computer Support for both residential and commercial, in-house/business or remote assistance. The scope of these services range from Spyware/Malware/Virus/Trojan Fixes, Hardware Troubleshooting, Software Installation, Security Solutions, Hardware Upgrades, System Tune-ups, Instruction, and Computer/Network/Wireless Setup.

  Dulles Micro, LLC [ www.dullesmicro.com ]
  February 2003–January 2007, Sterling, VA
  Sr. Project Manager, Sr. Web Developer & Creative Director

Responsible for overseeing Sr. Project Management (PMP) duties, Federal Government Contract Proposal Writing, complete life-cycle Project Management contract research, planning, budget cost estimation, analysis & acquisition, scheduling support, risk analysis & contingency planning, direct creative direction, branding & graphical design, site architecture, programming, code migration control, Q/A, training and implementation of dynamic enabled (508 compliant) web-based applications for for various clients including the Department of Justice, USAF, Navy, Army, Washington Redskins, Revitacel, and Bowl America's Internet, Intranet & Extranet sites. Other responsibilities included extensive client interface, technical writing, SOW development, development of interactive multimedia presentations and staff supervision.

  City of Richmond, Virginia - Department of Information Technology
  [ www.richmondgov.com ]

  December 1999–February 2003, Richmond, VA
  Sr. Web Developer & Designer/Consultant

Responsible for overseeing project management, direct creative direction & graphical design, site architecture, programming, code migration and implementation of dynamic web enabled applications for the vast interdepartmental agencies of the City of Richmond's Internet/intranet sites. Other responsibilities included client interface with all interdepartmental agencies for all aspects of research & development, content management, quality assurance, through maintenance and duration of sites.

  Martin Interactive - Martin Agency [ http://www.martinagency.com ]
  December 1998–December 1999, Richmond, VA
  Art Director/Consultant

Responsible for designing, programming and implementing graphical elements for various interactive projects (internet/intranet sites, online advertising, e-commerce) for such clients as Coca-Cola (including corporate & IYDKYDG promotional), Saab, Gerber, Pulsar/Seiko, Bank One, FMC, Motley Fool, PageNet, Scott & Stringfellow, Yellow Pages (YPPA), and Marriott.

  s p o r k
  September 1997-January 1999, New York, NY
  Independent Freelance/Consultant

Responsible for various duties including Art Direction, Web Development, Intra/Internet Web Design, Multi-media, Graphic Interfacing, Y2K Compliance & a multitude of Programming efforts. Clients include HBO, Cinemax, Chiat Day, Saatchi & Saatchi, MTV, Edwin Schlosssberg Inc. (ESI), & South Street Seaport Museum.

  HandsOn Interactive
  October-December 1997, New York, NY
  Senior Art Director

Responsible for design direction & programming several multimedia promotional packages (CD ROMs, video walls & web sites) for Jaguar, Aston Martin & HandsOn Interactive. Involved in asset handling and client interface.

  Citibank's Global Relationship Banking & Corporate Banking
  Information Technology Management Division
  [ www.citibank.com ]

  April - September 1997, New York, NY
  Senior Web Site Designer of Development

Responsible for designing and implementing graphical & navigation interface of several intra/internet web sites integrating graphic & HTML files with multiple Lotus Notes 4.0 databases into Domino (projects include: Corporate Banking, CitiSafe, Project Reporting, GRB Interoffice, Action Tracking, Building Permit, Compass, World Views, CyberCiti Cafe and Financial Control

  Transparent Image Design Studio
  1992-1997, New York, NY
  Director of Design & Development

Responsible for design and development of web site, promotional brochures and catalogues as well for the simulated sculptural environments for this non-profit arts organization. Projects were included in New York at the New Museum of Contemporary Art, Cooper Union, Information Gallery, Snug Harbor Cultural, University of California and other cultural venues in California, Chicago, Rochester & Miami.

  American Museum of Natural History [ www.amnh.org ]
  1992-1996, New York, NY
  Senior Preparator

Designed, fabricated and installed multi-media exhibitions (including Hall of Human Biology and Evolution, Hall of Mammals and their Extinct Relatives), Biodiversity and Treasures from 125 Years of Discovery. Designed exhibitions including Witness: Endangered Animals of North America, Planet Peru, Flora Portrayed, Orchids & Amber (rain forest diorama).


Markup & Programming: HTML 4.0+; dHTML; ASP; CSS, XML; .NET in Visual Basic C+ framework; HTTP; Flash Actionscripting; CGI; IP/SLIP; ISDN; Lotus Notes 4.0/Domino interface; JavaScript; JAVA; Lingo; QTVR; NCSA Mosaic 4.0+; I.E. 4.0 - 5+; Netscape 3.0 - 6+ Communicator; Pointcast; NCSA Telnet; Fetch, FTP.

Graphics & Desktop: Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000, ME, XP, Vista, 7; MacOS 8-10 (X); Linux; QuarkXpress 4+; Photoshop CS; Illustrator 9; MS Word 6+; Fireworks MX+, Dreamweaver MX+, Excel; PowerPoint; Flash MX 2004/CS; Adobe InDesign; Macromedia Homesite. MS Office suite; Project, Visio, Word, Excel.

Multi-Media & Other: Final Cut Pro, Adobe Production, Macromind Director 7+; Adobe Premiere; SoundEdit 16; Sound Forge, Mini-CAD 4.0v3


Writing; technical requirements & documentation, proposal SOW, white-papers, editorial markup

Photography; digital and traditional

Illustration; digital and traditional



M.F.A., Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 1990-92
B.F.A., Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA 1986-90

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